Unique Blogger Award

Hullo, everyone! My beautiful fellow proud feminist, Irena @booksandhottea, nominated me for the Unique Blogger Award. For those of you who are wondering what it is about, here are the rules:

  • Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.
  • Answer the questions.
  • In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate 8-13 people for the same award.
  • Ask them 3 questions.

Here are the fun questions that Irena asked me:

1. A monster breaks into your home! (Gasp!) But it’s not a very dangerous one, don’t worry. It’s just lost, poor thing. It can easily be scared, and then it will go into the wild and live happily ever after. But you need to scare it. The only thing that comes to mind is a throw a book at it, because you’re standing next to your shelves. You obviously don’t want to throw and possibly destroy a book you love, so you grab a book you don’t like and don’t even know why you still have it. What book do you choose?

That would be the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. Haha. I admit that I’m still hanging on to it despite all of my issues because I really loved Alice, Jasper, and the other supporting characters. Honestly, even if I’m not crazy about the plot, as long I’m emotionally invested in the characters, I can be quite sentimental. Those Twilight supporting characters did not even have POV chapters. Dear reader, I wouldn’t blame you if you start thinking I’m crazy. You’re right.

I’d also probably get rid of the Hunger Games and the Divergent trilogies as well. I didn’t like the way both series ended.

2. You’re walking down the street, minding your own business, and you find a magical lamp. (You now it’s magical because it sparkles. Or something.) And what do you do – you rub the lamp of course. You know how these things work! And, yes, a genie comes out and says he’ll give you any superpower you want.
“But, I thought I was supposed to get three wishes!” you say.
“I’m the genie, I know how this works! You get a superpower!”
You shrug and accept the offer. A superpower is still great. Which superpower do you choose?

For me, a good defense is a good offense, but sadly, I don’t have very impressive physical skills. I’d ask for the power to read and control minds so that I could protect myself and the people I love if we’re in danger.

3. I’ll keep this one shorter, I promise. XD Now, you have superpowers, but you still need help because you’re new at the whole supernatural thing. Which character (from a book of t.v, show) would you choose to be your partner and best friend?

I would ask Remus Lupin because not only is he a capable and fair teacher with a sense of humor, he’s also a compassionate person and a wonderful friend. Sure, he’s got lots of flaws and insecurities, but so do I. We’ll work them out together.

Here are the questions that I’d like to ask you, whether you’re nominated or not:

  • You’re about to embark on a dangerous adventure. What kind of animal would you want as a companion? Feel free to name a mythical creature. You could also share your pet’s name, color, hobbies, favorite food, attack/defense methods…Go wild! I’d love to know the details!
  • What’s your favorite food (Japanese, Italian, Vietnamese, Thai, American, etc.) and which character/s would you go restaurant hopping with? Why?
  • Please describe your ideal library. Just pretend that it’s a library in a fantasy realm so you’ll have endless decor options!

I would like to nominate the following bloggers:

Rhianna @tsundokugirlreads

Uma @booksbagsburgers

Whitnee @bookwhit

Virginia @ohanacascadia

Sabrina & Ashley @5171milesbookblog

Leisha @literaryleisha

Jodie @readthewriteact

Please don’t feel pressured to do this! Also, as I already mentioned, please feel free to do this even if I didn’t nominate you!


5 thoughts on “Unique Blogger Award

    1. Yes! I love Alice, but I’m also grateful that she was spared Meyer’s attention. Look at the way Meyer treated Bella as a heroine. I would have hated that for Alice. Hahaha.


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