Bookish Merch Spotlight: Ink & Wonder Woodmarks

After my first movie adaptation review, here’s another first. Beginning this year, I’ll start posting bookish merch recommendations, because there are sellers that deserve the love and adoration. It’s also a plus that I’ll have documentation of my favorite shops for future reference.

First up, we have Ink & Wonder.

I know that so many of you in the bookish community have already posted glowing reviews of Ink & Wonder’s products. I discovered their gorgeous woodmarks because of the bookstagram community and I’m so grateful that I did. After buying my first set of woodmarks from them, I can honestly say that they are worth the hype.



As you can see from the photo, even their packaging is so beautiful. Heck, you can take out the bookmarks and this will still have artistic value. Right now, I’m using it as a container for my Ink & Wonder bookmarks because I prefer to have them all in one place. Aside from being eye-candy, the packaging also proved to be effective protection because my woodmarks got to me from Australia to Philippines without any damage.


Design & Quality:

As the saying goes, “a picture speaks a thousand words”, so here’s a bunch of pictures from my bookstagram. These woodmarks are absolutely stunning. Because they’re woodmarks, they’re also sturdier than paper bookmarks. I love woodmarks because there’s something so timeless about their look and texture. For those of you who own beautiful woodmarks like these, as long you take good care of them, I think they could last long and make lovely heirlooms for the future generation.



I’ll keep it real. These aren’t cheap, especially if you don’t live in Australia. (One woodmark is roughly equivalent to a hearty meal for one in a good restaurant here in the Philippines.) You’ll have to pay for the shipping and postal fees, and probably even endure a long wait on top of all that. The question is, are the woodmarks worth the cost?

That’s a matter of opinion, but for me, considering the superior quality and elaborate designs, these woodmarks are worth saving up for.

There are also ways to save up on shipping and buy them for a cheaper price:

1. Check out their IG page and seek out their reps. Those chosen reps would have a shop discount code on their bios. I used a friend’s rep code and got 10% off for my first batch of orders. Following their IG page would also keep you up to date regarding future sales and promos.
2. As much as possible, round up your booklover friends and combine your orders. That way, you can split the shipping and postal fees.
3. For those of you who don’t live in Australia: If you are close to someone who lives in Australia and you plan to meet up with this person soon, I suggest asking if he/she would be willing to have the woodmarks shipped to his/her place instead. That kind person could be your woodmarks’ temporary guardian until you meet up and he/she could hand over the woodmarks to you.
4. Hold on to the discount coupon if you are given one when your orders arrive. My friend and I ordered a total of 6 woodmarks and got a 10% discount coupon for our next purchase.

In conclusion, even if I’m not a rep for Ink & Wonder, I would happily and proudly recommend their woodmarks to booklovers out there. 🙂

Rating: ★★★★★


4 thoughts on “Bookish Merch Spotlight: Ink & Wonder Woodmarks

  1. Alix Leonard

    Ohh that’s such a good idea! I love getting recommendations for bookish merch and it’s hard to keep track of it on instagram because there’s just so much…. this is exciting!🧡🧡


  2. I love ink & wonder so much! I live in the USA and am spoiled with cheap or free shipping with almost everything.. I about died when I had to pay shipping on a little bookmark BUT I did and I also think they are worth it. Now I save up and get a few at a time and only pay the shopping fee once. Lol.. I am tempted to try their crate.


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