Bookish Merch Spotlight: Flagship Studios

In this spotlight post, I’m going to write about a thoughtful, kind, and talented person. I have always admired Sarah’s woodmarks every time she posted photos of them on her bookstagram, so it is definitely an honor to rep for her shop, Flagship Studios.



The packaging was definitely effective protection for my woodmarks. All of them got to me (from US to Manila) without any damage. Even the beautiful business card and greeting card inside the mail packet were not wrinkled in any way during transit.


Design & Quality:

As you can see from my bookstagram pictures, Sarah’s minimalist designs are so lovely and elegant. That’s actually part of the reason I adore her art. As much as I love color and elaborate designs, I also know how beautiful and timeless simplicity could be. Sarah’s woodmarks are proof of that. You could time-travel to any era with these woodmarks and chances are high that these beauties would still catch booklovers’ attention.

As for the quality of the woodmarks, they are sturdy and lightweight. I also love the texture of the wood because it’s smooth without being too shiny,  giving the woodmarks a look of natural and rustic beauty.  No woodmark looks exactly the same. Unlike print paper, wood has more character because of the distinct line markings and the slight changes in colors. I think that makes Sarah’s woodmarks even more wonderfully unique.


Being woodmarks, the cost is understandably higher than paper bookmarks. You’ll also have to pay extra for shipping and handling, especially if you don’t live in the US. However, even if I weren’t a shop rep, I would still buy Sarah’s woodmarks. I love them that much. The only different thing I would have done if I weren’t rep was that I would have waited until I had several woodmarks in one order so that I could save up on shipping and handling.

To get 10% off on your purchases from Flagship Studios, use my rep code “LITTLEFOX”, which will be valid all through June. The stocked items in Sarah’s shop are all limited editions already, so I strongly recommend buying them while they are still available.


Rating: ★★★★★

Flagship Studios at Etsy

Flagship Studios at IG



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