Bookish Merch Spotlight: Fictional Boutique

What I love about laminated bookmarks is that even though they’re a more expensive than paper bookmarks, I don’t have to worry about damaging them in any way – like spilling a drink on them, having them stained for life with ballpen ink, or accidentally folding them.

Fictional Boutique is one of my favorite laminated bookmark shops and it’s been a fun and wonderful experience to rep for its talented owner, Naja.


The bookmarks were contained inside a letter envelope. None of my bookmarks were damaged when they arrived on my doorstep, so I’d say that the packaging was more than adequate protection. Even better, I think that the packaging was also the reason everything was delivered straight to my house. I was so glad I did not have to rush to the post office, endure the long queue, and pay for handling.

Design & Quality:


I love Fictional Boutique’s pretty, dainty, and elegant bookmarks. Just look at the way the colors, text, and graphics complement each other perfectly.


See, you don’t have to be a fandom person to appreciate her beautiful fandom specific bookmarks. She does not make the design too fandom specific, so these fandom bookmarks are quite versatile.


My favorites are the galaxy themed two-sided bookmarks. Aren’t they gorgeous?!


The quality of these laminated bookmarks are great too. I have been using them for months now as bookstagram props (and bookstagrammers know how we treat bookish merch like battle-worn warriors) and they still look good as new.


Shop rep or not, I would consider Fictional Boutique’s beautiful bookmarks to be good buys. Naja’s a really sweet and thoughtful seller, so she always has discount promos and bundle deals that you bookmark lovers can check out. You can also use my rep code “LITTLEFOX” to get a 20% discount while it’s still effective.


Rating: ★★★★★

Fictional Boutique at Etsy

Fictional Boutique at IG



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