Bookish Merch Spotlight: Chiqui Creates

In honor of the upcoming anniversary of Chiqui Creates, I’ll talk about this awesome shop’s bookish and fandom-inspired fancy jewelry and bookmarks. Chiqui Creates is one of my go-to shops when I join a new fandom because not only are her products undoubtedly gorgeous, she’s also a really wonderful human being and an accommodating seller. Working with Chiqui as one of her shop reps was a great learning experience for me because of her professionalism and her willingness to collaborate with her reps, customers, and other sellers. Of course, her A+++ sense of humor is a big bonus.

chiqui creates 01


As you can see from the picture, the presentation’s simple yet elegant. If you order more than 1 piece, each piece will be packed separately, and then all of them will be shipped to you in a mail packet. When I received my package, everything was in perfect condition.

Design & Quality:

I’ll start with the fandom-specific jewelry and metal bookmarks that Chiqui made.


This lovely Six of Crows metal bookmark was the first piece I bought from her shop. It would  motivate you NOT to die grieving for a beloved fictional character. Haha.

(The Kaz and Jesper magnetic bookmarks in the background were made by Designs by Theia.)


Grishaverse fans, this would be a fabulous addition to your collection. Go on a crazy and fun adventure with Sturmhond when you use this metal bookmark. That quote is proof of Nikolai’s awesome sense of humor, y/y?


Percabeth fans, you won’t regret buying this gorgeous necklace. It’s a bestseller for a good reason. Look at that quote! It’s one of the best Percabeth moments in the Heroes of Olympus series.


Even the author Jay Kristoff, commented that these look AWESOME. I adore this Illuminae Files set so much that even though I originally intended to buy just one, I ended up giving in to temptation and buying one necklace for each book.

Wallet: <ERROR>


This Peter Pan metal bookmark is so dreamy and beautiful. It’s perfect for the forever young-at-heart!

I really love how the colors, designs, and quotes reflect the fandom that inspired them. Another good thing about Chiqui Creates is that there’s a good mix of popular and new fandoms. If your fandom is not featured in her shop yet, feel free to DM Chiqui your suggestions. She really does consider them. (Example: She hasn’t even met Nikolai Lantsov yet, but she already made a Nikolai bookmark due to popular demand. Like Nikolai, Chiqui’s that cool.)

Next, we have the fandom-inspired jewelry that are flexible enough to fit more than 1 fandom or no fandom at all, depending on your preference.

This A Darker Shades of Magic necklace is so cool that the author V.E. Schwab reposted a photo of it on her IG. If that isn’t an expert opinion, I don’t know what is!


This awesome necklace may scream SON OF THE SEA GOD, but it would go well with many other different fandoms as well. Also, come on, if you wear this, you can look badass even if you aren’t a demigod from Camp Half-Blood.

(The Seaweed Brain candle was made by The Bookish Light.)


This gorgeous necklace is not just for Gryffindors. This works for Lannisters and Narnians as well!


To all the Lord of the Rings fans, dryads, satyrs, and the lovers of nature and Demeter, this lovely necklace is a great buy!


Featuring one of my favorite quotes ever, this necklace is my favorite Lunar Chronicles piece. It makes me smile even during the dark days.

(The Kai/Cinder art was made by Taratjah.)

See what I mean? The quotes and the designs aren’t too fandom-specific. Even if you aren’t into fandoms or you’re a closet fangirl/fanboy, you can proudly wear these beautiful products.

FYI, Chiqui Creates also has rings, bracelets, and earrings. Metal bookmarks and necklaces are just my preference.

As for the quality, I’ve had the jewelry and the metal bookmarks for months now and they still look good as new. Just keep in mind that these aren’t real gold and silver. It’s not advisable to wear them while you shower or do extensive physical exercise with lots of sweating involved. As long as you take good care of them, there shouldn’t be any discoloration.


Considering the fine quality and the fact that these customized pieces are rarer than the average bookish merchandise, I would say that the prices are definitely reasonable. As I always say, you’ll get to save more money if you use a rep/promo code and pool your orders.

The good news is, because of Chiqui Creates‘ anniversary sale on August 8, it’s the perfect time to start browsing her shop catalogue. (That way, you’ll have a few days to choose what to order. Really, I’m serious. You’ll probably need the time to decide. It took me a week to finalize my rep package choices because there were so many pretty designs and not enough money in my wallet to buy all of them.)

The anniversary sale will start on August 8 and end on August 12, 11:59 PM EST. Don’t forget to use the anniversary discount code “ONEYEAR” to get a 20% discount when you check out. If the anniversary discount code is no longer effective by the time you read this, you can use my dear soul sister Uma’s permanent rep code “BURGERS” for a 10% discount.

Happy shopping! Your wallet might complain, but your inner fangirl/fanboy won’t.


Rating: ★★★★★

Chiqui Creates Online Shop

Chiqui Creates at IG 

Chiqui Creates at Etsy 







2 thoughts on “Bookish Merch Spotlight: Chiqui Creates

  1. Ahhh- you know I absolutely LOVE Chiqui and her stuff, and this post is EVERYTHING! I love the pics you have used and what you have put together here. Now I need to go and shop some more! 🙂

    Absolutely GORGEOUS and thanks for re-igniting my inner fan-girl who must have ALL THE THINGS!


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