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Hullo, nerd stars! My name is Jewel, and I am a booklover, bookstagrammer, book reviewer, and book blogger.

So what is this blog for? Books have always been my greatest passion, steadfast friends, and refuge, so I want to return the favor by doing what good I can for the bookish community.

How can this fledgling book blogger (obviously me) make a difference from her tiny virtual reading nook? Well, hopefully, my book/bookish merch reviews will serve as helpful information for booklovers out there. Hey, I can even be a sounding board, shoulder to cry on, and crazy fangirl buddy if you need one! I can support the authors and bookish merch sellers I love by promoting their books and products.  I might even post about bookish places and my opinions on certain book-to-movie adaptations. I see so many possibilities, and I am excited to explore them! Henceforth, this blogging world is my “galaxy far, far away” and I hope to conquer it someday! (Don’t worry. I promise to be a benevolent and carefree dictator who will frequently give away coffee and patronize the arts. I’ll also establish a legal non-working weekend holiday for booklovers.)

To authors/bookish merch sellers, please feel free to message me if you you want an honest review. My favorite genres are fantasy, mysteries, and memoirs, but I am also open to other genres. I can’t promise to accept all of your review requests because of real life demands and boring adulting duties, but I’ll try my best!

My contact details are:

E-mail: foxynerdyrebelle@gmail.com

Goodreads: @foxynerdyrebelle

IG: @foxynerdyrebelle

If you took a shot for every time you read “foxynerdyrebelle” and spotted a fandom reference on this blog, you might be drunk on pure geekiness by now.  #sorrynotsorry


See you around, nerd stars. Stay nerdy and proud!

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