My 2017 in Books

My reading goal in 2017 was simple: I just wanted to increase my Goodreads average rating. I wanted to focus on the quality of the books I read over quantity. I wanted to learn to set aside books I don’t enjoy just for the sake of adding one more book to my record.

Well, thanks to a couple of beloved manga series and rereading some favorite books, I ended up reading a total of 201 books! Even better, the average rating of the books I read in 2017 is 4! It goes without saying that my Goodreads average rating definitely increased. Mission accomplished!

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Book Review: Rising Shadows Trilogy by Ashley Townsend

“It’s true that life seems so more much exciting when you write it down as fantasy. But then again, there are some experiences in life that are simply too wondrous to be condensed into words. These are the things that must be felt in reality. The rest I will attempt to convey with the written word.” – Ashley Townsend

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