Bookish Merch Spotlight: Flagship Studios

In this spotlight post, I’m going to write about a thoughtful, kind, and talented person. I have always admired Sarah’s woodmarks every time she posted photos of them on her bookstagram, so it is definitely an honor to rep for her shop, Flagship Studios.

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Bookish Merch Spotlight: Ink & Wonder Woodmarks

After my first movie adaptation review, here’s another first. Beginning this year, I’ll start posting bookish merch recommendations, because there are sellers that deserve the love and adoration. It’s also a plus that I’ll have documentation of my favorite shops for future reference.

First up, we have Ink & Wonder.

I know that so many of you in the bookish community have already posted glowing reviews of Ink & Wonder’s products. I discovered their gorgeous woodmarks because of the bookstagram community and I’m so grateful that I did. After buying my first set of woodmarks from them, I can honestly say that they are worth the hype.

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